zondag 3 mei 2009

Rainbow resist / Stempelen met chloor


Our new challange is stamping with bleech.
From the old days :) a few examples

* glossy paper
* pigment ink (light colours)
* dye ink (big and juicy for example)
* brayer
* bleech
* paper towel
* stamps
Color your paper with different colors of the pigment ink. After it is dry, you put with your brayer the dye ink on it, covering the whole card. Again let everything dry a bit.
Prepare a stampingpad using the paper towel and the bleech. Push your stamp on the bleech stampingpad and then on your card. The bleech will remove the dye ink and the pigment ink will shine through the bleeched spot.
Make sure to clean your stamp very well directly after you are finished. Otherwise you'll have one stamp less because of the bleech !!!
Hope you'll liked this little class. Hope to show you soon some new resukts using this technique.

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