zondag 2 oktober 2011

Knifty Knitter

I discovered the Knifty Knitter (knitting loom). I'm not so good knitting, but with this tool it is made easy, even for me. My friend had this set of knitting looms. Before buying these looms myself I wanted to try it out. So during my holiday I made some hats. I first tried making a babyhat, that was easy...
So I made two hats (one for me and one for a friend):

Next on the loom is a scarve. I made one, but didn't like it, it was too small so now I've taken a bigger loom to make a new one.
And of course I placed an order to get my own knitting looms...

2 opmerkingen:

Creative Chaos zei

Ha San , leuke mutsen, maar volgens mij kan je beter gewoon leren breien , dat gaat heel wat snellen dan met een knifty knitter :-))
Pat xx

Sandra (the netherlands) zei

Ha Pat, misschien moet je me les geven :o) ... maar ik moet je wel waarschuwen, want rechts breien lukte me vroeger wel (opfrissing kan geen kwaad), maar links was hopeloos en aan speciale steken ben ik nooit toegekomen...